Office Hustle

Office Hustle is a 2D grid platformer composed of five levels and inspired by Pac-Man. The tile was an 8-week project developed in a multidisciplinary team during the first year of my study at Breda University of Applied Sciences. It was made completely in Blueprints and was the first approach I had towards AI in Unreal. The title was published on and was a finalist in the Grads in Games Awards 2019.

Project Information

Role: AI and Gameplay programmer

Development Time: 8 Weeks (3 workdays per week)

Made in : Unreal Engine 4

Team Size : 11

Platform Support : Windows


My Contributions

- AI behaviors and interactive gameplay element related

- AI adaptive vision cone based on geometries in the level

- AI patrolling waypoints system

- Bug-fixing


Software Used



Unreal Engine 4


Unreal Blueprints

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